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I was attending a dog show with my dog Aerrow. He was a very good boy & he looked smashing in his wind jacket, which did a great job of keeping his legs clean, by the way. I loved that I could tighten up the waist - he has a very deep chest so lots of other garments get soiled

Terry Y.

I bought a snow overall. I live in the Netherlands and some stores had them here. I was so happy that i finally found the perfect coat to keep my puppy warm. I tried so many other overalls and this one is the only one that sits perfect and stays that way. I have the jacket and the raincoat to.

Jennifer T.

Thank you for your great service! Last time the shipping and everything worked out really well. The thing is that I work in a pet store in Sweden and I have this customer (an older lady) with a chihuahua and she doesn’t have the Internet, so I make the order for her. She is also very pleased with you.

Alice T.
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